Yes, adults can be thought sex education especially, the misguided ones. Those that grew with lame, enabling parents, those who found themselves in a particular, submerged society, those whose church is awkward to talk about sex

So yes there is need for adult, sex education. Through my night of research, I found out that we have unpunished rapists, metamorphosed into some of our fathers now.

Just sit down and look at your father; you might be surprised that he was a chronic rapist, before he settled with your mother.

He is still a rapist if the time produces itself. Just relax where you are sitting down, and look at him well, he could still be raping innocent women, under your mother’s nose, till date. Cross your legs and turn to the direction of your mother, look at her very well, she might be innocent of the happenings around her, or she could know that your father is a rapist, and she keeps covering him, which makes her an enabler.

Then look at yourself….what do you want to be as a grown man? Do you want to continue like your father, or do you want to carve your own way, out of this dark family, and be a remarkable young man. Which is which?

The chain is pathetic

  • A house help was raped repeatedly by her boss, with the wife, making excuses for him, she sees that she is in danger, and stigmatized too…she runs off.
  • She becomes a house help somewhere else again, and molests the little boys, left in her care, just to quench the insatiable, sexual urge she accumulated from when she was raped and torn apart from another.
  • The little boys, gets raped by the maid in turns, and they grow up with an uncontrollable, sexual urge too.
  • The uncontrollable, sexual urge they accumulated from their little age, like the helpless maid, explodes in them to continue, never to stop as molesters and rapists too.

When they are caught, they will hang their booths on being abused early in life, by their maid.

Now, the chain continues.

Do you know that when you rape a child, and the child survives it, that he or she, didn’t heal? She improvised. You introduced sex to her, very early…so she can’t get it out of her head…until she is counseled. Even after that, it takes a personal decision to remain sane and free from sex, or to go on feeding the unending, rearing urge for sex. The damage is done already, and can’t be curbed, until she is caught on the act of molestation, and she ends up in prison.

She could still harden up in prison, and continues with sex.

If you look at her life, it was ruined from the day she was raped as a 5 years old baby.

So many rapists, as long as they are men, don’t see the four walls of the prisons…they rape and gets bailed to continue.

Once a rapist, always a rapist

That’s why, if they are spared to live, they grow more in it, into their future.

Some end up pastors, doctors, teachers, nurses, soldiers, artisans, and all works of life .where the rape will be upgraded Doctor Rapes his patients, and pays off the police to continue practicing with his license. Pastor rapes married women, youths, babies in his church, and pays off the police to continue with his church and the rape.

Teacher rapes his pupils or students and confuses the proprietress or proprietor, and the baby is stigmatized for his or her parents to withdraw them, or the teacher, sent away to continue in another school.

The chain is pathetic.

The solution to this unending and unhealthy reaping chain is to start killing rapists. Let it be made into laws. Be you whoever or whatever, male or female….once a rapist is caught, with no too much talk in the court, should be sentenced to death by hanging.

There is one funny thing about the brain…it’s a coward. It backs off from anything death. So it is, with the brain carriers…once the solution of what they are into, or part off, is death, you will see how they will automatically change, slow down and be renewed. Some burned souls will also take advantage of this, to kill some innocent souls. That’s why it must go through courts. Once the victim identifies the rapist, and a thorough investigation is made, they can kill him or her.

The more rapists are killed every day in this country; aspiring ones will rehabilitate themselves and put a pin on their sexual excesses. Some don’t believe that there is adult’s sex education. Here it is.

April wolf is not talking to her fellow kids now; she is talking to you, you and you as adults.

The Senate should revisit this proposal, and get it approved and turned into law, so that Nigeria can breathe again. Let kids and grownups, walk freely again, on their father’s lands, without getting their anus, torn apart, or their hymen, torn and sent to exiles.

The pathetic chain does not end, until we curb and pin it.

# SayNoToRape

# ArrestAndKillAnyRapist

# LetYourCountryBreathByReportingARapist

# TeachOurChildrenSexEducationBeforeItsTooLate


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