This information may not be new to many as  rumors, however Wonder Planet Team has to verify every news before publishing on our page, due to our policy.

Parents needs to buckle up and take this seriously as there has been no week in Ahoada which children are not being kidnapped.

The first incident happened sometime last month when a stranger visited a grocery store in Ahoada main town, according to my sources (names withheld for security reasons); the suspect pretended to be a buyer, after requesting for his needs, he claimed he does not have much on him, and the kid (about of six years old who sells for his mother) has to follow him so he can get change and pay for what he ordered.

However, it has been a month and few days when they went out to get change and neither the boy nor the buyer has been seen.

This was how the serial kidnapping began, people taught this was going to be a one time issue until the next event took place just one week after the first;

This was a case of a three month old child being snatched from his mother at gun point. According to my source, the mother could not hesitate as the kidnappers came to her on gun-point. thus it was after her child was taken that she cried and shouted for help, although it was then too late.

Two weeks ago same thing repeated at Odemerenyi road, Ahoada, in this case a lady was caught by these so called serial kidnappers. At gun-point she was forced to release her baby, however the lady was so determined and she refused. However, her refusal pushed the gun-men to shoot her, yet she refused to release the child, this was how the kidnappers for ones failed on their mission.

The woman was shot on her shoulder, and at this point she is said to be receiving treatment at a hospital (not disclosed for security reasons).

That was not all, as three days ago another same incident occurred in Ahoada Town , in this case, my sources reveals that a family friend (a lady) visited this family bringing with her four packets of buscuits, he children could not refuse them as the lady was their family friend.

The children took the biscuits, however, they were five kids, thus her request to take with her the last born child so she can buy him a biscuit too.

My sources further added that: it has been 72 hours since she went out to buy biscuits for their smallest child, neither the lady who was considered a family friend nor the last born child has returned.

There are different opinions on this last case which took place on the 3rd of December 2019, some persons think the lady was the culprit, others are saying that she must have been kidnapped along with the child.

Wonder Planet News team are still investigating on this issues, to know what the kidnappers really want; the question is: are the kids taken for rituals? or are they holding the children on ransom?

More details will come later

Stay tuned.

Written by Knight Fredel






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