BREAKING NEWS: AHOADA YOUTHS/TAX FORCE TURNS HOOLIGANS – Beats up Innocent Citizens using Covid-19 lockdown as Excuse

Happening now in Ahoada East L.G.A., due to the Covid-19, the Governor of Rivers State announced a lock down, however, some youths and tax force who were given the job of ensuring a peaceful lock down in Ahoada main market/market junction has decided to abuse their power.

This incident was witnessed today in Ahoada Main market road on 15th April 2020 at exactly 1400 hours when the so called Ahoada government employed Tax Force and Youth Group now takes advantage of the pandemic to terrorize petty shop owners and the rest of the salesmen as well as harass innocent passer-by’s and beating up innocent citizens with no reason at all.

They are seen everyday from 0600 hours to 1800 hours around the market premises using wipes on people including those who are not shop owners.

This set of new criminals are said to continuously collect 200 naira to 500 naira daily as bribes from petty shop owners in other to let them continue their sales, however, those who are unable to pay are treated as animals, including their customers.

The question now rises from the indigence’s asking the Ahoada Government why the Chairman of Ahoada East L.G.A and the Ekpeye Youth and Tax force Chairman will go on to employ such level of people instead of making good use of the Nigerian Police Force

The Boys are terrorizing the neighborhood as we speak, peoples lives are in danger.


According to Wonder Planet Correspondent, two couples who were in desperate need for malaria medics were harassed today and the man beaten, disgraced in public all because they came to get drugs, this happened at exactly 1400 hours,

Meanwhile, the government has earlier stated that Chemists, Pharmacies and Hospitals should be allowed to run this period including restaurants and P.O.S. pay points because people cannot live without eating or taking their medical treatments,

An eye witness also added that, this horrible attitude from these hooligans began the moment the Governor of Rivers State announced a lock down in Rivers State, he further said that they even harass and almost beat up innocent and homeless old women who live inside their fruits and vegetable shops along the market road due to the inability to rent a normal home, their fruits and vegetables were said to be vandalized.

He further asked why the Government neglected the police force and choose to employ such level of boys who as it seems has no humanity left within them, for it is only a mad man that can attempt to beat up a homeless old woman and wipe innocent passers who had little or no involvement in the matter

It will interest you to note that, the victims of these hooligans do not own a shop, which means they are not salesmen, and neither are they there to sell, rather they are those who are currently out to seek drugs for malaria and other similar medics from chemists in order to help themselves, or they are those who only come out to make withdrawals or buy food to eat.

The people of Ahoada are hereby calling on the Government to do something immediately before matter gets worse as they cannot continue to harass innocent young and old women, as well as beating up people who as a matter of fact do not even own a single shop, who only come to seek where they could buy something to eat or make monetary withdrawals.



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