This exposure was passed down to us by Okenwa Enyeribe, whom is the leader of a revolutionary group in Nigeria, this group as the name implies is poised not to work against the government, but to fight corruption and expose the provoking truth within the government, truth which should be known to the public, nevertheless, it seemed along the line on his quest to actualize a Nation with no corruption, he encountered some challenges with the Department of State Security (DSS).

Thus his need to tell his story to the world, and this article should be shared until it gets to Aso-rock, the entire nation needs to hear this, and corruption needs to stop in order to get to a higher state of civilization.

On this note, I hereby present to you the words of Okenwa Enyeribe, his introduction and some of the happenings in the country which he really intend to share with you all.

First watch this video above; this is the REVOLUTIONARY COUNCIL OF THE NIGERIAN PEOPLE.

And here are his words:

“My name is Okenwa Enyeribe, Pharmacist, author, poet and humanitarian. I hail from Ogwu Nguru Mbaise in Imo State. I am the Head of the REVOLUTIONARY COUNCIL OF THE NIGERIAN PEOPLE.

The Revolution that is now reverberating across Nigeria was launched by me from the roof-top of the 9-storey Head of Service (HOS) Building Abuja on the 16th of July, 2012.

The choice of Head of Service Block was useful because of the massive corruption that had taken place in the Pension Department, where pensioners were denied their retirement entitlements after retirement.

Many retirees have consequently died of hunger and diseases. From the roof-top I dropped to the public copies of the 24-page Eagle Square Document that detailed massive corruption in the government ministries, departments and agencies and the need for all citizens to instigate a mass action all over the country in order to stop the abyssal drift of state.

The Department of State Security (DSS) and the H.O.S. security personnels came atop and lured me down by promising to present me to Journalists for an interview. On coming down I was given chilled bottled water to cool down my thirst but was instead presented to H.O.S. manifold staff to interview me and I floored them, scolded them for looting pension funds.

They subsequently handed me over to the D.S.S. who took me to their office at Aso Drive. There they requested to give me some money in order to support me on my quest.

However, I refused their offer, then they wanted to give me a job, I equally declined their offer. They decided to give me an escort, a man, a woman and their driver to take me anywhere I wanted in Abuja. At my request they took me to Nicon Junction, saluted me and left.


Since then we have carried out revolutionary campaigns against endemic corruption and bad governance in Nigeria at; Wuse Market Junction, and also in every strategic places in Abuja and all over Nigeria.

In our rallies we have engaged the Federal High Court Abuja and Federal Character Commission (May 2013), we also engaged the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) and the Independent Corrupt Practices Commission (ICPC), etc.

Through our campaigns many Nigerians are now conscious of their rights in the 1999 constitution and the need to continue non-violently to make demands to government thus to stop terrible corruption and ever-present looting of public funds.

They have been taught to come out in masses to demand for good governance that will safeguard them and the upcoming generations. They have been made to know that without a government of accountability, discipline, strict adherence to ethics, the constitution and the Rule of Law, there will be no guarantee of an economic growth and prosperity in the country.

We have made them to be aware that the manifold variants of insecurity in the country are offshoots of recklessness and squander mania of politicians and select few at the corridors of power.

By our campaign and court action we instigated the dissolution of the Board of Directors of Federal Character Commission in 2013. 


The Department of State Security (DSS) invited us to their Adis office at Aso Drive on 28th May 2013. There I was made to fill out a 16-pages form requesting my personal data, biography and revolutionary escapades in Nigeria.

I narrated to them the activities of the revolutionary council as stated above. I made it clear in my 10-page statement that our revolution must continue to flush out all treasury looters and profligate elements in government, restore sanity to the states in order to bring peace to the people of Nigeria whom are currently traumatized, persecuted and dehumanized.

I had an undertaking with the The Department of State Security (DSS) that we are going to mobilize one million Nigerians hence to occupy the National Assembly, the State House Gate and major roads and streets in Abuja until our demands are met.

We are also mobilizing 10 million Nigerians all over the country for the same noble project. The Department of State Security (DSS) directed that I should sign the document with my four signature sizes. Finger prints of my ten fingers were also taken.

My host, Mr. Paul, said he would not waste our time so he gave us somebody to escort us out.


On the 5th of September 2013, while delivering these revolutionary messages to Nigerians from the top of the 50-metre Airtel Sign Post at Wuse Market Junction Abuja, the Commissioner of Police (Federal Capital Territory) stormed our rally ground, shot guns in the air, detonated Molotov cocktails and dispersed the crowd of over three thousand Nigerians. We were arrested (twenty of us) and taken to Maitama Police Station.

After some interrogations, we were detained until the next day when we were arraigned at Cotonou Street Magistrate Court on frivolous charges of unlawful assembly, public nuisance and incitement. We were remanded in Kuje Prison pending our bail to face charges.

On the 14th of January 2014 the judge stuck out the case for lack of competent and diligent prosecution thereby validating our campaigns as patriotic and respectable.


With the current squalor, misery, wretchedness and preposterous insecurity in Nigeria resulting from a deceitful government, debauchery, mediocrity, banality, vacuity, emptiness and thoughtlessness of the rulers, and invoking the exigency to protect and defend humanity, we are left with no option but to continue our struggle, having been vindicated by the court of law.

Our Revolution must progress inexorably to flush out treasury looters in government, restore peace and hope to the people, and sanity to the wretched Nigerian state. The Sweeping Nigerian Revolution must advance in line with my agreement with The Department of State Security (DSS) on 28th May, 2013.


Mr. Sowore, the Chief Executive of Sahara Reporters that is currently imprisoned by the Nigerian Government, should be set free.

He has not committed any crime against his country. He has the constitution rights ( Sections 24b, 38, 39 and 40) to campaign against endemic corruption in government, demand accountability from government officers and leaders (Including the President), and ask them to resign if they cannot guarantee security and welfare of the people (Section 14-2b) which is the reason for d’être of government.

I am the Head of the Revolutionary Council of the Nigerian People and Sowore is simply advocating our Revolutionary Cause, which as I said, is registered with the D.S.S. We are drumming up forces for revolutionary allies all over Nigeria to press for his immediate unconditional release.”

Looking at this story as presented by Okenwa Enyeribe, the head of the Revolutionary Council of the Nigerian People has imprisoned ones by the Nigerian police Force, in Abuja on the day of their revolutionary rally which was a none-violent gathering  for purpose of advocating for a corrupt-free governance in the country,  nevertheless, today, same fate has been met with the director of Sahara reporters; Mr. Sowore, whom by the way was only advancing the work of the Revolutionary Council of the Nigerian People, and which is equally his right.

Therefore the government’s attention is needed here, from the presidency, the Senate, The House of Assembly down to the entire citizens of this country (Nigeria).

If you are reading this, please retweet until it gets to the attention of the men in power, share on all social media available, let us all join hands and say no to corruption for a better and prosperious country to come. This is the only way, nbody knows tomorrow.

If this could happen to Mr. Okenwa Enyeribe and Mr. Sowore, then it can happen to you or anyone.

As Written and compiled by Knight Fredel




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