Killer Herdsmen: Sunday Igboho Urges The Yoruba to Protect Themselves.

Yoruba rights activist, Chief Sunday Adeyemo, also known as Sunday Igboho, urges Yoruba race, saying they only can protect their lives and property by themselves from criminal herdsmen. He said this on the note that government alone cannot provide security.

The Yoruba people need to first take their security into their hands. They should learn to provide their security in any way they deem fit, without first waiting for the government. He said.

However, We can’t continue to live in the fear of the unknown in Yoruba land. Enough is enough. giving that the govt haven’t to book. for that cause I will fight for justice till I die. I can’t be intimidated by anybody; I only fear God Almighty. We are fighting for the course of the Yoruba race, not about sentiment. We can’t accommodate you in Yorubaland and you begin to kill our people on their property. If the government wants peace, they have to speedily act to avert further crises. The only solution for now, is for the people to take their security into their hands. Any Yoruba who is against this noble cause is a bastard. We did not just start this if not for the incessant attacks on our people in the Ibarapa and Oke Ogun areas of Oyo State.

Taking us down to memory lane on the life of Yoruba in Hausa land, Yoruba people are no longer safe in their land. In the North, they can behead a Yoruba man for slapping a Hausa/Fulani not to talk of destroying their farmlands. You will recall the case of ‘Oko Oloyun’ (a popular herbal medicine practitioner) who was killed during a visit to his country home. He was killed at Igbo Ora. The Police said they would unravel the facts behind his killing but till now, the matter has not been unraveled. That killing would be a year this month.

Another illustration, Dr Fatai Aborode, returned from overseas and cultivated farmland in Igangan. He employed about 300 people. When his farm was plundered by cattle, he complained to the Seriki Fulani. A few days after, killer herdsmen kidnapped him, tied him and butchered him. Nothing was done and no arrest was made. With all these, if any Yoruba is against my agitation, such a person is an enemy to the Yoruba cause. I only need sincere people to support my cause not agents of disunity.

Furthermore, I got many help by the traditional ruler who are secretly reaching out to me. giving how they suffer in silence and fear. I was called upon to liberate them. They are all in support of me. I can’t do it without their consent. There is no more fear of civil war regarding the cause that I am fighting. We are not waging any war against the Fulani people. Our fear is that our leaders are friends of the Fulani, who know the herdsmen, who are criminals in our midst.

We appeal to the Fulani is to bring the killer herders in our midst to book. We have the right, as Yoruba people, to fight for our freedom. You’ve visited Ibarapa in Oyo State, moved to Ogun. When are you visiting other states in the region especially Ondo where the governor recently gave issued quit notice to herdsmen in government forest reserves? Once they call on me, I am fully ready to heed their call. I am fighting for the Yoruba cause, not my cause. We must liberate our people. They have frozen my bank accounts because I am fighting for a just cause. I will not relent. I must achieve my aims by putting an end to criminality in Yoruba land. If they refuse to release my account, there will be a serious protest across the South-West. Our people are living in fear of criminal herdsmen. They are afraid that the herdsmen might attack them.

In addition, It is important that we recognize and also fight for our fundamental rights. The problem is that those in between us and the government are the ones creating undue tension. We Yoruba people should be united and stop playing politics with the lives of our people. We deserve to be united, so I preach unity of purpose among the Yoruba people. We should always speak with one voice. Yoruba people should be protected from killer herdsmen.



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