Nigeria, the home of one of the greatest tribes in Af’raka (Africa), the one time giant of Africa has today become a trash in the eyes and the ears of both citizeens and visitors who hit her down every day on social medias and chats?

We are not where we ought to be, but if we should come together with less selfish mindsets and be our brothers keeper, if we should at least be grateful for the present which we currently have today, then maybe, just maybe we would be able to get there…

We want a better Nigeria, but we stab her every day in the back through our actions and deeds, we are the change we seek!

A little Gratitude would take us further, when we open our hearts to appreciate what we have, we create open doors for what we need, but when we stuck up our hearts like we stuck up goods in a warehouse, then we remain where we are and keep on moving round a circle.

Nigeria isnt all good at this moment, and we all know that yes we may not really be having that fun we seek because things are tight and the riches only exists in the hands of a few, but that does not mean you should give up on your country.. Yes it is only a fool who rejects its parents just because they are sick!

…The truth is, only a fool rejects its parents just because they are sick!

Dont give up so early, keep the fire burning and keep moving, always remember, that a single stick of broom cannot sweep a room. We all need each other in order to grow, if we keep on being selfish and hateful, we will go no where.

We want to move forward, then lets stop the negative thoughts and energies we keep spreading on social medias on every Independence day.

So many youths are angry, they are tired of Nigeria, they hate the country, but yet they are Nigerians.

Some refuse to associate with the name, they want another countruy to break out, they claim to be Biafrans, but look into their root, they are still Nigerians.

If you do not appreciate what you have by acceptance and gratitude, you will never get what you seek, I am telling you the gospel truth, I am not here to seek for likes and attention, I am saying the truth as it is, take this as a message from the beyond, passing this out to the youths of today.

Yes I agree to be guilty of cursing and writting against Nigeria in the past, however today in 2020 I have come to realize one thing that in order to go forward we need to accept the present.

You do not like Nigeria, you said October 1st Independence day was a fraud, you said we are still under the very same people who colonized us, Yes I agree, but then does spreading negativities really the best way to fix it?

Oh no, to fix this, we need collective positive energies from all citizeens of this country, we need to accept our country for what it is, and work towards a better Nation.

If we do not do this, we would be going round a circle for all eternity, is that what you want for your children? your lovers and family? If we do not fix ourselves, we will never be able to fix Nigeria, because we are the Nigeria, a country is not made up of a name, rather it is made up of you and I. So when you curse Nigeria, you are cursing yourself.

A tree do not make a forest, we are the change we seek, the jouney so far had not been easy, there are those who try to make things better but end up creating more problems at the end, it isnt their fault, those who wants to create another country I do not hate them either, but I have a message for you all.

If you do not start now to work on yoursleves first, and to work on creating a better atmosphere for Nigeria, I put it to you, that the new country you will be creating, will just end up exactly like this present Nigeria.

You know why? Because those who are going to make up the Biafran country are the very same people who make up Nigeria today?

Its not as if after creating Biafra we would now create new humans to occupy the new natition, however it is still you and I who will become the Biafrans, and if we do not fix Nigeria, we would just be going round a Circle.



Dont cry for me Nigeria, I am here and will always be here for you, to follow the road which is very narrow, nd at the threshhold, we will hold on to each other and be our brothers keeper. KNIGHT FREDEL

You want a better Nigeria, how far have you gone to become a better version of you? How many people did you assist this year unconditionally? If you are a trader, were you patient enough to allow your debtors pay you, or you found a way to embarass them first and throw disgraceful words at them just to make them pay, even when they do not have it yet.

You want a better Nigeria, but how many times have you pickeded up a missing thing that belongs to someone else and you return it right to the police station?

Your life may be experiencing a hard time and a negative phase, but that does not mean that you need to make the wrong choices….




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