The billionaire owner of Firman Generators Nigeria, Chief Ignatius Odunukwe, who hails from Oraukwu in Anambra State, was declared missing on December 1st, 2019.

He had earlier been contacted by one Mr. Daniel Bob Ibeaji, who claimed to be an interested buyer of one of Odunukwe’s property put out for sale.

After series of negotiations, both parties came to an agreement on the price of the said property, after which, an agreement was drafted by Odunukwe’s lawyer.

On the day of the meeting, Odunukwe’s lawyer insisted on accompanying him to meet the buyer, so as to be a witness in the signing, but he was turned down by Odunukwe who insisted on going alone because he had an early meeting at the Ikoyi club.

That was the last time he was seen, his family reported him missing to the Assistant Inspector General of Police and investigation began, which led them to his vehicle, found in the premises of the Hotel he was to meet the buyers.

When further investigations were made, the management of the hotel stated that he didn’t enter inside the hotel building and the CCTV is installed only on the inside of the hotel building.

The Police investigation lead to the arrest of a suspect, who initially denied knowledge of the crime, a search warrant was issued and the police proceeded to search the suspect’s house, during the search, a signed document of the property was found, but the suspect claim he had a successful business transaction with Chief Odunukwe.


A proof of payment was requested by the police but the suspect claimed he paid with gold, he maintained he was innocent even after been tortured by the police, but he was still detained by the police.

Investigations continued and two new suspects were arrested, and interrogation began on them, they confessed to forcing Chief Odunukwe to sign the documents.

According to the culprits, Chief Odunukwe was later killed, and his corpse chopped into piece and packaged in a Ghana-must-go bag which they dumped in Ogbomosho river.

After their confession, Chief Odunukwe’s family and the police made arrangements for the body to be recovered, his remains were later recovered on the 16th January, 2020. The corpse which has already decomposed was taken to Havana Hospital, Surulere.

However, the four suspects has been paraded by the Assistant Inspector General of Police, AIG Zone 2, Ahmed IIiyasu on Tuesday 21st January, 2020, at the site where the dead body was dumped.

Meanwhile, according to report, the suspects who have confessed to their crimes are as follows:The leader and and the mastermind of the crime is 42 year old Daniel Bob Ibeaji,he’s also a self acclaimed doctor.

His followers 35 year old Israel Obigaremu,

26 year old Arinze Uzor Igwe,

and 30 year old Solomon Cletus.

According to AIG Iliyasu, the arrest of the suspects by the Zonal Intervention Squad of the Operation Puff Adder, led by the Tactical Commander of the Ikorodu Office, SP Una Adams, who also led his team to recover the decomposed corpse of Chief Odunukwe was as a result of a petition filed by the family of the deceased.

Furthermore AIG Iliyasu confirmed that the deceased was killed even before investigations began on the 1st of December, 2019.

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The victim was strangled and injected with a poisonous substance in the hotel room in Ajah area of Lagos.

The mastermind of the crime, Bob Daniel Ibeaji who has once been convicted for a similar crime Narrated how the crime was carried out, and blamed his actions on his greed for wealth.

He said “I saw his advert for the sale of a property on a sign in his office at the Katakpe area of Abuja. I got his number through his security man and called him that I was interested in buying. I introduced myself as a miner when I met with him in his office and then we met in Lagos. I had already planned with two other persons to help me to collect Chief Odunukwe’s property documents and then kill him.

”One of them is Solomon, whom I got to know while I was in prison. On December 1st, I called Chief to come to Atican Hotel in Ajah, that I had the nine hundred million Naira (N 900,000000) for the property. My two accomplices were with me in the hotel. When he came, he brought out the documents and I told one of the men with me to bring a “Ghana must go bag” containing money”. 

When the Chief opened the bag to look inside, I used an axe to hit him on the back of neck. However, He fall unconscious and I injected him with a substance. We dragged him into the bathroom and strangled him to death. I took the documents and left and gave instruction that his remains be disposed off.”


Although, Another suspect, Solomon Cletus, revealed how the corpse was disposed. “We stuffed his corpse in a big bag and dragged his body into a car through the back door which one of the hotel staff, Arinze, showed us. It was Arinze that took us to the swamp where we threw the body at night and fled. I went into this crime because I was in need of money and Bob promised to give me N2 million as loan if he succeeded” he pronounced

Furthermore,it was revealed by AIG Iliyasu, how Bob became a criminal, he said “Bob Daniel Ibeaji, who claimed to be a medical doctor with Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS), fellow Royal College of Surgery and Member Royal College of Surgeon all in Edinburgh. United Kingdom as well as an MBA in Zurich, is the kingpin of the syndicate.”

Further investigations revealed that Bob’s wealth are were acquired dishonest and illegal way.


As Compiled By Jaja Otokini
And Edited By Knight Fredel
All rights reserved,



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