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NEW BOOK – The Ogbanje Child and the Four Elements; read on Amazon!

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This book is written by Knight Fredel, and its all about the Ogbanje phenomenon, the question of who an Ogbanje child is has always raised awareness among the African people, some claim they are bad luck but Knight Fredel seems to have a much deeper explanation, and he made it known that The Ogbanje child is a special Kind of Child, and they are luck bringers.

In accordance with Fredel, he said there are two types of Ogbanje child, the one who  comes and goes through death and reincarnation, and the one who comes to earth for a mission, and that mission becomes his destiny.

That second category of Ogbanje is more popular among the African and Indian race, as they are always every talented and pure in spirit.

On the case of those who refer to the second category of Ogbanje child as a case relating to Sickle Cell Armenia, Knight Fredel also has a deeper explanation on that, and equally made it known that Ogbanje has nothing on common with Sickle Cell Armenia, as both phenomenon are different, he also explained the deeper truth about these special children, and he said, “The Ogbanje is not a curse but the one who has mastered the four elements and has come to earth via water”.

The Ogbanje Child passes through various metamorphosis in order to ignite their inner light so their mission becomes clearer, he added.

He not only wrote about the Ogbanje child, he equally added chapters which talked deeply about the gods and the Goddess of water, reincarnation and karma, the world beneath the sea, and also, how to know if you are an Ogbanje  child, and how to reconnect back to your water elements.

Here below is his explanation of who an Ogbanje child is:

by Knight Fredel

Ogbanje Child

All Souls are energy, born out of the Ether, the source of all creation and foundation of all life forms, from the psychic to the mental, spiritual and physical realms of consciousness.

After we all descended from the source of all creation and life forms, we had to pass through certain “elemental” stages whereby we get to choose our element and its kingdom/realm. Some of us where born of water, others Fire, Air and Earth.
So which element, are you made of? Which kingdom do you as a Soul belong to? Is it the water kingdom? Or is it the Air kingdom? The fire or the Earth kingdom, so which are you? At this point the reader must note that some western esoteric mysticism prefers to categorize these kingdoms as Soul groups, therefore when I say water kingdom for example, I am referring to the soul group ruled by the element of water.

Many religious persons know of the water or marine kingdom because its the most notable and most powerful and thus became the most popular especially when the church and many esoteric paths decided to demonize it because mainly, some don’t understand it,,

However, I’ll ask you questions at the end of this article, when answered sincerely and correctly then you will find the true answer by yourself. By then you will recognize your element, and with that knowledge you will come to be acquainted with who you are who your requests and prayers should be channeled to.


OGBANJE is an African concept that states that there exists some set of spiritual and advanced special souls who come to earth for a more special reason, these sets of Souls are known as the Ogbanje (in Igbo language).

These set of people are widely believed in traditional African written and oral mythology to be people who incarnated from the Marine World and possesses some sort of magical powers to command their desires.
They are highly revered and at the same time discriminated in the society because of the mysteries surrounding their births, lifestyles and deaths. Ogbanje’s as we know it in Igbo speaking areas of Nigeria has the same meaning in Ndoki language as “Owu”. Yorubas calls it “Emere”. Many other tribes and people of the black race are aware of their existence and their names vary depending on language and dialect but they exist in our tradition even as I write this article. An Ogbanje has no definite sex. An Ogbanje can be a female or a male child as I am one myself.

There has been misunderstandings and mysteries surrounding the ogbanje phenomena, which is why I wrote this article.
to learn more about this great children of Ma, and to find out if you are one of the ogbanjes, then follow the link below to my Magazine Platform and grab a cup of coffee as I take you on a journey through time!

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