Chess Master Myth Shattered: Putin Loses Balance As Military Chiefs Abandon Him

VLADIMIR Putin has been abandoned by his counsel of senior military officials and presidential advisors which will be a “catastrophe” for his war in Ukraine, according to an international policy expert.

John Ciorciari, associate professor of public policy and director of the Weiser Diplomacy Centre, says as he was speaking to the newsmen that Putin appears quite isolated from his advisors and military leaders, that he has managed to ”shatter the myth” around him, losing his infallibility as a “grand chess master”. which is “a dangerous place to be” when waging a slow and torturous war effort.

Pictures have emerged of the Russian leader holding meetings in Moscow on one end of what body language expert Allan Pease called an “absurdly long table” for a “paranoid” Putin.

He added: “He’s a guy who is keeping everyone at a distance.”

A claim was made by a source in the agency this week, saying that the sluggish progress of the Russian invasion of Ukraine has given birth to dissatisfaction within the state security service, the FSB, a source inside the agency has claimed this week.

They said the mounting pressure within the FSB is now a threat to Putin’s decades-long leadership of the Kremlin.

Professor Ciorciari who is contended with the way Putin has handled the invasion, “whether he is motivated by paranoia, illness, or simply a thirst for conquest, he has invited catastrophe for his people and possibly also for himself”.

Vladimir Osechkin, who is at the top of Russia’s most wanted list for his work on prison abuse scandals, said his source within the security service suggested that the anger could reach boiling point any day now.

However, reports have suggested that Putin had blame FSB for the ”hard to believe” slow pace of the invasion.

According to Mr. Osechkin , who says that “For 20 years Putin created stability in Russia.

Thus, “FSB officers, policemen, state prosecutors — those people inside the system — were able to live good lives.” But this has changed with the Russian invasion of Ukraine, says Mr. Osechkin.

He also added that “For every week and every month that this war continues, the possibility of a rebellion by those in the security services increases.”

Moreover, Mr. Osechkin explained how the lifestyle of FSB officers – historically were wealthy than the average Russian citizen’s – have now suffered as the invasion drags on.

He also added that many of FSB agents have been unable to travel to other homes or “take their kids to Disneyland Paris.”

However, in addition with the crippling Western sanctions on Russia, the value of the ”ruble” has plunged and FSB agents don’t want to “go back to the Soviet Union”.

Mr. Osechkin who says that the whistleblower went by the handle “we are not all sadists” and first reached out in October 2021.

This follows reports that FSB chief and Putin confidant Alexander Bortnikov is being prepared to succeed Putin in an FSB-backed coup.

The Ukrainian Ministry of Defence claimed in a social media that the “Russia’s elite is considering to remove Putin”, adding the provocative tagline of “poisoning, sudden illness, accident”.

According to this post in the social media, it claimed that a circle of “influential people” sought to “restore economic ties with the West” by removing Putin “from power as soon as possible”.

It also added that the war in Ukraine had “destroyed” these economic bonds crucial for Russia’s prosperity.

Thus, they alleged Alexander Vasilyevich Bortnikov, who is the head of the Federal Security Service, would be the one who took the reins from Putin.

Putin himself is a former intelligence officer for the KGB, and rose to the head of the FSB, which was formed from the KGB.

In Addition, the Ukrainian Chief Directorate of Intelligence says that the president had blamed Bortnikov for “fatal miscalculations”.

However, They said that “Bortnikov and his department were responsible for analyzing the mood of the population of Ukraine and the capacity of the Ukrainian army.”

Dr Adam Casey, of the Weiser Center for Emerging Democracies at the University of Michigan, has said the chances of a coup taking down Vladimir Putin are much more likely than they were even a month ago.

According to him he said that: “The Russian military is not performing in the war in the way that most people expected, and it’s doing quite poorly overall.”

However in his words he told an insider that, “He’s spent a lot of time and effort designing the Russian security apparatus in a way that sort of makes him relatively invulnerable to coups.”

Finally he added But, “Things that have motivated coups in other places are present.”



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