Lockdown Saga: Wike Justifies himself for demolishing two hotels in Rivers State

RIVERS CRISIS: Demolished Hotel does not belong to the Youth Leader – includes the video

It has been confirmed that Princewill Osarojiji whose so called hotel was said to have been demolished by the Rivers State government, and who was said to have been expelled by the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP State Chapter, has been revealed he’s not the owner of the demolished hotel.

Although for a few days, many multiple sources wrote and believed that this hotel was owned by the former PDP youth leader, even the Governor who supervised the demolishing of Prodest Hotel also stated that it belonged to the former youth leader.


However, this information came this morning from a trusted source and it was verified that the former Youth Leader was never the owner of Prodest Hotel which was said to have been located Eleme, in Rivers State and which has been confirmed to have been demolished on Sunday.

According to our reports, the hotel belonged to one Gogobari Promise Needam, who does not live within Rivers State to begin with, rather he lives in Lagos. He was also interviewed live by Nigeria Info, and during the interview he made it clear that the hotel is not owned by the youth leader, he said it belonged to him.

Gogobari told Nigerian Info that his hotel has been on lockdown ever since the Covod-19 isolation was announced in Rivers State.

He also stated that he has been a law abiding citizen of Nigeria, and his hotel was not involved in any activities as mentioned by the Governor.

In his own words he added that there were two groups who were fighting somewhere outside his hotel, he further said, that according to his manager, the two groups were politically motivated and each belonged to one of the parties which was how the former Youth leader was involved, as for his hotel, he said they were never involved.

He further explained that; just after his manager has let him know of the fights which went on outside of his hotel, the next thing he heard was that of his hotel being demolished by the Governor himself.


He said and I quote: “even if something like that happened and my hotel was reported to have violated the Covid-19 lockdown rules, at least there would have been some kind of investigation, but in this case there was no investigation, there was nothing, the next thing I heard was that my hotel has been demolished without his knowledge”

“I was never called, nor questioned, not even my manager was questioned, rather they just came in and ordered the hotel to be demolished”, he added.

We will bring you more details later


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