Zimbabwe’s long-serving president Robert Mugabe has died in Singapore on 6th September 2019; he was aged 95.

This is no news to a few who have of cause heard his demise earlier; however, there has been some mixed reactions to his death reflecting his complex and controversial legacy.
Earlier on, some of his family members attested that, Mugabe had been travelling regularly to Singapore for treatment and died on Thursday after a long battle with illness.

Current president Emmerson Mnangagwa said in a statement posted to Twitter: “It is with the utmost sadness that I announce the passing on of Zimbabwe’s founding father and former President, Cde Robert Mugabe.
“Cde Mugabe was an icon of liberation, a pan-Africanist who dedicated his life to the emancipation and empowerment of his people. His contributions to the history of our nation and continent will never be forgotten. May his soul rest in eternal peace.”

A Downing Street spokesperson also stated that: “There will be mixed emotions in Zimbabwe at today’s news. We of course express our condolences to those who mourn, but know that for many he was a barrier to a brighter future.
“Under his rule, the people of Zimbabwe suffered greatly as he impoverished their country and sanctioned the use of violence against them.

“His resignation in 2017 marked a turning point and we hope that today marks another which allows Zimbabwe to move on from the legacy of its past and become a democratic, prosperous nation that respects the human rights of its citizens.”
Robert Mugabe was born in 1924 in what was known then as the Rhodesia, Mugabe went on to co-found a resistance movement against British colonial rule, and was jailed for 10 years between 1964 and 1974.
He ruled Zimbabwe for nearly four decades, before he was forced out in a military coup in November 2017.

Robert Mugabe will be buried at National Heroes Acre, a hilltop shrine for Zimbabwe’s ruling elite, an official said on Saturday.
The announcement came as the southern African nation began several days of official mourning for its deceased former leader.
The National Heroes Acre is reserved for Zimbabweans who have made huge sacrifices during the war against white-minority rule and who dedicated themselves to the nation, which emerged from the ashes of colonial Rhodesia.

“Comrade Mugabe will be buried at the Heroes Acre,” deputy information minister Energy Mutodi said. “That is where he deserves to rest.”

Written by  Knight Fredel



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