ON THE SERIAL KILLER SAGA – Fact or fiction by Knight Fredel

It’s been many hours since the arrest of the suspected serial killer
Ladies are now relieved as the notorious killer who has terrorized the city of Port Harcourt for weeks has now been caught, thus some who love night hangouts are now free to resume their night duties at the hotels and quarters within the state.

On that note, ladies still needs to be careful, for the fact that the police have confirmed that the one caught is the killer does not mean he really is, for there might still be others because, in accordance with a report I received yesterday, the suspected killers were more than one, although only one was arrested and I do not know why media is covering that up, or maybe it is because this very one has already confessed to be the killer, isn’t that so fast?

The question is, what if, just what if the killer was sponsored by a big name, and the one who allowed himself to be arrested was actually sponsored to give false admission in order to put the matter to rest?
These are trying times and everyone especially the women needs to be careful.

Killing by strangling, with a white handkerchief means only one thing, which is ritual, and the so called suspected killer does not in any way look like he killed for his own interest and concern, I mean even if it’s his kill, what are his motives for killing seven to fifteen women?

Or rather, he killed for seven to fifteen men? Just thinking….

Ok today on the matter the suspected killer, who hails from Buguma LGA of Rivers State, Gracious David West, who was arrested on 19th September 2019 claimed few hours ago that “The urge to kill comes like a hunger to him”, this has made many persons believe that he might be mentally ill, although, it equally begs for another question to why he kills only women, as well as why he places a white handkerchief on them? All these prove that he might just be covering up something he has been paid to conceal from the media. Nevertheless, I am not concluding, as research and investigation is still ongoing.


By Knight Fredel



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