Serial killer: We want to be safe in Port Harcourt – Female Protester

It has been a month now since the first killing began, this killings has been a tending social media posts for the past few weeks in the city of Port Harcourt.

Most of the killings takes place in a hotel environment, however, most of these hotel owners dumps the body’s of the victims outside the streets in order to cover their image, added a Facebook user.
Earlier today another victim has been found. The relationships between these killings are: The victims were usually strangled to death; they were killed in a hotel room. It has been confirmed that the hotel managements dumps the bodies outside the street to protect their images.

Twitter Posts by residence

Last week a Facebook user by name Princess Ijeoma Egujiofor made an open testimony on her timeline, in her narration, she recalled an experience which took place recently within the city of Port Harcourt, whereby a lady whom she haven’t met before, called her line asking of her services, to deliver wine and some sanitary pads to her hotel room. The caller claimed to have picked up her phone number from an advert flier along the street.

In her own words, “She said she saw my number on a wine flier and wanted to buy, the entrepreneur in me thanked God that my prayer has started working and business is moving to the permanent site”.
The young entrepreneur accepted the offer and headed straight to the hotel premises (name withheld) with her product, on getting there she called the lady who has ordered her product, she picked up and they talked.

“Instead of coming down to the reception to collect her product, she asked her to come up to her hotel room which she declined”, the delivery girl narrated.
Meanwhile, as the argument was on, the delivery girl could hear clearly at the background of the call a male voice telling the caller what to say and how to say them.

“As I was speaking with the lady, I could hear the male voice telling her to convince me to come, and asking her if I have agreed to come, but she whispered back that I haven’t”, she added.
Thus, with that thought of killers, still fresh in her mind, she fled.
On September 11 2019 another victim was strangled to death and dumped around waterline axis in the city of Port Harcourt. The news brought shock to the residents of Port Harcourt, mostly ladies as they no longer know which mans invitation to trust.

Earlier before then, there was a victim by name, Blessing strangled to death and dropped off at Rumuosi Port Harcourt.
As the news trends, many social media users begin to spread their individual opinions, some claim that the anonymous killer might have a thing with slay queens, and prostitutes, nevertheless, there are those who strongly believe that this is the act of a yahoo boy or an art of ritualism.

Although, as the arguments were going on, one Mrs. Precious Steve from Edo State, who studied mass communication at Rivers State University, a mother of three boys and one girl, was found dead and dumped along Odili road in Port Harcourt,
It was reported that the victim was lured to deliver her goods or to offer her services; “unfortunately, she was being called by this same unidentified serial killer, who strangled her to death”, said a witness.

With that news, it was obvious that the killer not only targets prostitutes and slay queens, but women in general, which begs for the question, why is this killer after women? And why are they killed the same way?

Saturday September 14th started well another victim was discovered, and on 15th the next day (being Sunday) another victim has been spotted.
Information reaching us at WONDER PLANET proves that, the government and media establishments with Port Harcourt have decided not to say a word this matter. No one is treating the case, and none is saying a word, at least to warn women, apart from some few social media posts.
The people are pleading on the government leaders and the police to please look into this matter before it get out of hand.

Although, according to the Pulse online blog, it was stated that in August the police confirmed the killings of three other ladies.
“In August, police confirmed the killing of three women in three different hotels in the state, adding that two of them died by strangulation with a white piece of cloth hanging round their necks”
Various reports suggest that a serial killer, who drugs and kills ladies in hotel rooms, while deploying the same technique, has been on the prowl in Port Harcourt.
Addressing a group of protesting women at the police headquarters in Port Harcourt, Deputy Commissioner of Police in the state, Chucks Enwonwu said the police have received several complaints about the serial killing of women in the state.

“In as much as societal values degenerate, you need to go back to educate your fellow women and advise them against prostitution because they are the targets and victims of such crimes,” BBC Pidgin quoted Enwonmu to have said.

Conversely, Soibi Ibibo Jack, who organized the protest, said the women are worried that police described all the victims who died in the hotels as prostitutes. She said that was not true, adding that ‘even if they were sex workers, their lives matter because they were human beings too.’

One of the protesters, Ruby Yobana said she is a makeup artiste and she goes to wherever her business takes her; including hotels.
She said “So, if I go to do my legitimate job as a makeup artiste and something like this happens, would they say I am a prostitute? That’s not good. The police should arrest this person. We want to be safe in Port Harcourt day and night.”
The Police boss also told the protesting women that they have made some arrests concerning the issue, adding that investigation is still ongoing.

He added that the police and management of hotels in the state are meeting to plan how to properly go about documentation of evil people who use their hotels to perpetrate crimes as well as installation of surveillance cameras at the hotels.

By Knight Fredel



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