Have you ever wondered why the will of god as we always proclaim it doesn’t happen, its because we don’t need gods will but our own will, all we need is the grace of the gods.

Pink morning glory flower garden in the park

Therefore as you wake up this morning you need all the will power which was apply to every human to achieve, to conquer and to make a difference.

More over, our news updates is to enable you to know your stand in our society today and also to know how to apply your will power, however little it may be by the grace of goddess it will finds its way to the right people.

Some people says that what made the world to go around is LOVE. That is true alright.

And it there are plenty of love to go around share as much as you have, you don’t have to worry cause there plenty of them to just don’t be too stingy to give out, it will lubricate our world enough to continue without stopping.

Finally, don’t go out without given thanks to the gods of your heart, only through the power of appreciation will the evil eye will be made null and void.

Wonder planet team, wish you all a successful day ahead.


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