SWEDISH: Armand Duplantis has Reset his own world record to sustain the hype

From our sports scene; The Swedish star has been confirmed as the athlete to taken over the pallium of track and field’s greatest star from Usain Bolt. And at the Indoor Grand Prix in Glasgow, Armand Duplantis have showed why fans are very happy about what the 20-year-old might achieve in the future.

Meanwhile the US-born Sweden straightforward 6.17 meters on the pole vault to reset a new world record last weekend in Poland. On Saturday, he broke his own mark with a 6.18 meter vault on his first attempt.

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Although the second exploit earned Armand, who has choose to betoken his mother’s native Sweden, a $30,000 bonus.

Duplantis started vaulting since he was 3. His family home Louisiana has a pit in the back garden, and he is a son to a former American elite pole vaulter.

Armand Duplantis reacts as he breaks the world record in Glasgow.

A former child paradox, he holds world records at every age level from under 7 to under 12, while by 18 he had straightforward 6 meters. It is little wonder he is being destined for great things.

“There are a lot of reasons why this event is so complicated and so many things go into making a good jump,” Duplantis, whose nickname is Mondo, said.

“So many years of hard work go into this, but when you do it right it seems simple.
“Safe to say I feel good, I feel fast and strong on the runway. I’m excited for the outdoor season, and the Olympics is where I want to be the best.”

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